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High Energy
High Protein

ENPROCAL is a new generation food supplement, based on whey protein, that provides concentrated nutrition to improve everyday healthy living for everyone. As one of the best nutritional supplements available, ENPROCAL provides all the ENergy, PROtein and CALcium required to enhance general health and wellbeing. ENPROCAL can be added to food or drinks with many recipes available for individuals and catering.

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Enprocal Recipes

Enprocal easily mixes into most foods and drinks. These recipes show what you can create by adding from half to a single scoop of Enprocal into some much loved favourites, to ensure you’re providing your body with the daily protein, vitamins and minerals it needs.


During my journey of managing Residential Aged High Care Facilities, I have often been involved in looking at ways to manage unplanned weight loss. Originally, I explored several different available products, along with whole milk and full fat products, I trialled a number in the Facility I was working at the time, and our results evidenced that those Residents we had commenced on Enprocal three times/day, weight loss had slowed or reversed and skin tears had reduced, this was over a period of 6mths. Enprocal was well tolerated, we mixed it in milks, fruit juice, soups and jellies. It is now several years later and we use it regularly in the Facility I currently manage, the Resident does not require large serves (which we all realise is an issue with most Residents), because of Enprocal's high nutrient density means small quantities provide a big nutritional boost.

Linden Hayler Director of Care - Fairmont aged care

Enprocal is the perfect product if you want to see results. Since our facility started using Enprocal we have witnessed our clients gaining weight and still having their normal meals. It is tasteless and does not change the texture/ consistency of their meal. Enprocal is mixed into the client’s breakfast, lunch and dinner and it can also be sprinkled over their desserts. I strongly recommend you to try Enprocal.

Maryanne Gray Facility Manager - St Basil’s Annandale

Enprocal is product that you can use without the residents knowing that you are using it. Easy to whisk up! Great to sprinkle over food!

Brad Hedley Catering Coordinator - City of Glen Eira Warrawee Community Aged Care

What I really like about Enprocal is it’s neutral taste as I can add it to everything from sweet to savoury foods and also drinks. It really works for residents needing that little bit extra and with only 35 grams per serve I need to use less product to get effective results.

Robert Taylor Executive Chef - CPSM Care Holland Park