Healthy Living

Healthy Living

Our bodies benefit from a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet, but as we age, our bodies need a little bit of extra help. Vitamins, minerals and protein help keep muscles and bones strong, particularly in conjunction with moderate resistance exercise. Adequate protein intake is vital to avoid common conditions such as sarcopenia (see below).


Sarcopenia is a naturally occurring health condition that causes the loss of muscle mass as we age. Beginning in our 40s, sarcopenia results in the progressive loss of between 1% and 2% of our muscle mass and strength each year. Left unchecked, the loss of muscle mass can result in frailty and lead to serious restrictions in levels of personal independence.

Moderate resistance exercise in conjunction with an increased protein intake is the only known solution to this decline of muscle mass. Enprocal’s high level of protein may be very beneficial during this phase. With one of the highest levels of whey protein available in Australia, Enprocal may help you retain lean muscle mass while providing your body with key vitamins and minerals.

Whey protein is the key constituent within Enprocal. This protein source is preferred by athletes and body builders as it is the quickest and most natural way to protect and build lean muscle. Whey protein out-performs almost all other proteins including soy, beef, chicken and wheat on the internationally recognised scales of protein efficiency, digestibility and bioavailability.



Because Enprocal is based on whey protein, muscle strength, functionality and mass may be improved by incorporating Enprocal into your daily diet, together with moderate resistance exercise. A half to single scoop of Enprocal can be added to most foods and beverages. As a milk-coloured powder, Enprocal will lighten the appearance of some foods and beverages, but will have little or no discernible effect on taste or texture. Sweet foods remain sweet, savoury foods remain savoury.