What is Enprocal and how can it benefit me?

Enprocal is a food supplement rich in whey protein, high in calcium, vitamin D and many other vitamins and minerals. These are nutrients that are closely linked to the protection of bone integrity (reduced risk of osteoporosis) and avoidance of muscle wasting (sarcopenia).

How is this relevant to me?

Sarcopenia is a muscle-loss condition that generally begins to emerge in one’s 40’s. Left unchecked, it progresses and is most pronounced a few decades later. Protein intake is essential in avoiding this condition.

While we can maintain a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle throughout our lives to enjoy health and wellness, as we reach our middle years, our bodies begin to require some extra help.

Should sarcopenia be left undetected, the loss of muscle mass can result in frailty and serious restrictions in levels of personal independence. This is an alarming thought, however moderate resistance exercise in conjunction with an increased protein intake can address the condition. Currently, this is the only known solution. Enprocal’s high level of protein can be used to address sarcopenia, but more importantly, can act as a preventative tool.

What does Enprocal contain?

  • Protein, and lots of it, with 15.1g in just a 35g serve
  • Around 400mg of calcium per serve, making up 50% of the recommended daily intake for most adults
  • All amino acids
  • Source of fibre
  • One serve contains 50% of the recommended daily intake of Vitamin C, plus 10 v- 50% RDI of another 18 vitamins and minerals.

Therefore, Enprocal can help prevent sarcopenia, and complement your active lifestyle.

With whey protein as a key ingredient, your muscle strength, functionality and mass may be improved by incorporating Enprocal into your daily diet. A half-to-single scoop of Enprocal can be added to most foods and beverages such as smoothies, pancakes, soup or scrambled eggs. As a milk-coloured powder, Enprocal will lighten the appearance of some foods and beverages, but will have little or no discernible effect on taste or texture. Sweet foods remain sweet, savory foods remain savory!

Incorporating Enprocal into your diet need only be one serve a day, which is a safe and easy way to consume essential nutrients.

Are there any conditions with heightened risk?

People who are sedentary in behavior are generally at a higher risk of suffering multiple conditions as a result of muscle inactivity, regardless of age. These could include people with limited mobility, people in care, or people who do not engage in regular exercise.

Another group are those who practice regular dieting, fasting or who may have poor nutrient intake as a result of a busy life/work style. This group, while not malnourished in the more severe sense, may still have a sub-optimal nutrition intake that raises the risk of slow and progressive loss of muscle mass. Modest supplementation of daily food intake with the high protein and nutrient rich Enprocal, will benefit such people.

Enprocal is Australian made, using whey protein sourced directly from milk processed by the Warrnambool Cheese and Butter Factory in Victoria.